Summer Evening At Bock's Corner Brewery

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Mandys Nyckel

Welcome to spend the summer at Bock's Corner Brewery, where the folk-pop band Mandys Nyckel will perform on July 29th. The band will play two sets of their own music, with a break in between. Come to listen to relaxing music, enjoy Bock's own beer, and eat from the restaurant's offerings.

Mandys Nyckel

Mandys Nyckel is a Finland-Swedish folk-pop band that blends various musical influences, with a discography that includes albums "Möjligheter", "WIND", and "Sov min älskling". Led by Amanda Henriksson's songwriting, the band's unique sound features a blend of traditional instruments and harmonious singing. The band members, who met during their studies, also work as musicians and educators in various parts of Swedish-speaking Finland.

Mandys Nyckel is a Finland-Swedish folk-pop band that plays music with influences from pop, folk, jazz, and world music. The lyrics and music are primarily written by Amanda Henriksson, and the band arranges the songs together. The band has previously released two albums, "Möjligheter" in 2015 and "WIND" in 2018. The lullaby album "Sov min älskling" was released in March 2022.

The musicians in Mandys Nyckel met during their studies and have played together ever since. The band members work as musicians and music educators in various parts of Swedish-speaking Finland: Porvoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Raseborg, and Turku. Piano, bass, drums, and guitar form the foundation of the band, while accordion, violin, and various percussion instruments contribute to a warm and folksy sound. Harmonious singing is also frequently used as an effect. Together, the musician friends have developed a personal tonal language where the melodies and harmonies support the thoughtful lyrics.

Mandys Nyckel:
Amanda Henriksson, vocals and piano
Margarita Eklund, vocals
Sara Selenius, vocals
Martina Brunell, accordion
Lotta Ahlbeck, violin
Jesper Eklund, drums and percussion
Olli Liljeström, bass
Niklas Nyholm, guitar

Date & Time
Saturday, July 29, 2023
Start - 8:00 PM (Europe/Helsinki)
Sunday, July 30, 2023
End - 2:00 AM (Europe/Helsinki)

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