Wasa Future Festival 2023

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Welcome to Wasa Future Festival! The event is free of cost and open for all.

Welcome to Wasa Future Festival!

Wasa Future Festival gathers the skilled and motivated doers from companies, universities, and decision makers to solve problems and create solutions in the fields of economy, technology, and culture.

If you have suggestions, ideas or comments regarding the festival or its themes, 
please contact Janne.

Datum & tid
måndag 7 augusti 2023
Start - 09:20 (Europe/Helsinki)
lördag 12 augusti 2023
Slut - 20:00 (Europe/Helsinki)

Wasa Innovation Center

Gerbyntie 16
65230 Vaasa
--Wasa Innovation Center--
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Wasa Innovation Center

--Wasa Innovation Center--

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