Fri-Sat 48 €


Assortment of breads with sea salt butter (L)

Green salad with house salad dressing (M, G)

House potato salad (L, G)

Beetroots and goat cheese marinated in herb oil, roasted almonds (Lactose, Gluten)

Forest mushroom salad in house style (M, G)

Braised red cabbage & coriander (M, G)

Egg halves with caviar (L, G)

Sugar-salted salmon and mustard dressing (M, G)

Chef's shrimp "Skagen" (L, G) & archipelago bread (L)

Black currant herring & mustard herring (M, G)

Boiled potatoes (M, G)

Fried vendace (M, G)

Sea buckthorn cream (L, G)

Replot smoked salmon (M, G)

Salame Napoli (M, G)

Country pâté (M, G)

Black currant jelly (M, G)

Roast beef of ox & horseradish (M, G)

Roasted Christmas ham and house mustard (M, G)

Main courses:

Overnight stewed pork roast & pepper sauce with cognac (L, G)

Poached salmon & saffron sauce (L, G)

Swede casserole (L, G)

Carrot casserole (L, G)

House oven-baked root vegetables (M, G)

Bock's sausage (L, G)

Creamy potatoes (L, G)


Cheeses (G), fig jam (M, G) and gingerbread cookies (L)

Christmas glögg cheesecake (G, L)

Marianne chocolate mousse (L, G)

Marmalades (M, G)

Pralines (G)

Wasa coffee & tea

Seasonal drinks: (not included in the Christmas buffet price)

Bock's Christmas soda

Bock's Winter beer

House glögg (mulled wine)